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Anal sex where the male spreads open his partner's buttocks and inserts his penis inside as deep as it can go. He then thrusts repetitively or "pumps" until ejaculation. Upon said ejaculation, the receiver will clench his or her butthole, preventing the semen from being released. The fun does not end there because round two must be initiated virtually, immediately afterwards. The process is repeated, although when the receiver's butthole is spread, it is the sole responsibility of the pumper to let as little semen escape as possible as he dives in for this round. The pumping begins again and if done correctly, the excess friction combined with the reservoir of semen accumulated from the first ejaculation will yield a small, yet apparent amount of gas that is leaked from the process. After ejaculation for the second time, the pumper will claim his reward as he kneels over to open his partner's butthole as well as his own mouth. He then begins to feast upon the semen saved up in his partner's butt. This hot and steamy surprise is just enough to satisfy the hard work and dedication put into this process.
After a few monotonous nights of anal sex, Ken and Bridget decided to mix up their sex lives by trying the Gas Pumper. Bridget was in awe knowing that Ken had enjoyed the semen she had harbored in her butt for him.

booty anal semen fun pump sex beautiful
by GimmieGas September 05, 2016
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A male who continuously spends ridiculous amounts money on his girlfriend in hopes that it will get him better sex and she still does not let him do whatever he wants to her in bed.
you dont let your boyfriend jizz on your face? he must be a gas pumper!
by poopmongreldooodooo April 18, 2011
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