greek-cypriot word for donkey. It's the same as jackass
When a driver go slow all the time the other drivers gets angry... "Re file, eisai teleia garos"
by Alex89 February 07, 2007
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A big hairy sonofabitch. Very similar to a wookie, but much, MUCH cooler. Don't get too close to a garo, or it might start to slowly win your heart over, and then, if it feels the need, it will eat it.
I gots mah fuckin' heart eaten by a garo with a guitar.
by badshcb November 21, 2005
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An extremly hairy animal found in the north east region of the usa. main communication between garos is, oh what?
these hairy little monsters are also known as furballs.
damn! those are some ugly garos. Someone needs to shave those things.
by baj September 28, 2005
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nice very nice name for very very nice people a name in aremain in english means charlie
garo also means asome fun dude
by what i write not always true February 11, 2019
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A beast in both the physical and metaphorical sense. A Garo's true sexdom is revealed only once a female sees one with it's shirt off. The reaction is similar to any Axe commercials on tv.
Do you see that Garo over there?! He's ripped! (proceeds to run towards, and subsequently violate the afformentioned Garo)
by Chuck Bob November 14, 2007
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