The asexual agenda. We want nothing else.

Basically, a buttery bread with garlic that is the official food of the asexuals.
Person 1: Yeah sex is cool and all, but have you ever tried garlic bread?
Person 2: You're ace, aren't you.
Person 1: No shit sherlock.
by Supernova508 September 28, 2020
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Garlic Bread is the god given meal of those who know how to taste, they would use it in church for communion they're just too cheap for this gold dust.

You must take caution, however, in your selection. There are many FAKES, I warned you. Don't even concern yourself with making it at home (unless you wan to flex your 600-800°C pizza oven) 250°C ovens wont cut it, pun intended. After selecting an appropriate vendor, preferably neapolitan, make certain that it is based on garlic oil and NOT butter as this will RUIN the experience entirely including a potential vom - not ideal.

Society I missing out on the great deal offered by this cuisine. Most restaurants produce in unsatisfactory result, speak to a professional first.
A: what do you want with your garlic bread?
B: I'm sorry, what!?
A: ...
B: You can't match a garlic bread to anything, it is the pinnacle of existence

A: would you like cheese on that?
B: Would you like to walk away from me before I take this to the next level

A: what should I have from the menu?
B: Garlic Bread
A: is that it?
B:I don't know you anymore, stop sitting near me. Now.
by Man of Stupendous Attitude November 19, 2019
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When you gobble a big cock with a small mouth, so you have to work the head in like youre feverishly eating a wide garlic baguette: walking it in inch by inch.
Bro, you shouldve seen the garlic bread i got last night. By the time he got it all in, it was game over.
by Pcoaltrane October 22, 2020
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An indicator of being asexual
Hey you want to Netflix and chill?

Nah, sorry, I like garlic bread.

Oh I get it, you’re asexual, sorry for the misunderstanding!
by itsbreadtime February 27, 2020
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White Bread: OMG, do you see that fit peice of bread!
Brown Bread: YES! That's a Garlic Bread!!!!!
by Indian Warrior aka Raman June 09, 2019
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In the immortal words of Peter Kay comedy GENIUS
1) It's the future- I've tasted it.
2) Garlic? Bread? Bread wi' garlic in?
"It's bread right, bread with garlic in!"
by Radclyffe January 01, 2004
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