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An absoulutly amazing guy who is crazy nice and respectful. Garet's pretty hot ;). He has an amazing personality. He is loyal to his friends and tend to fall hard for his girl friend. He can also be very protective of his girl friend and when someone is mean to Her he will stand up for her. He is wicked great at some sports he plays. Any girl would be lucky to have garet as a boyfriend.
Girl #1 Garet is an amazing boyfriend

Girl #2 I wish i had an amazing boyfriend like him
by Lowkey girl#1 February 18, 2018
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Proveniente de la palabra del inglés "cigarette" la cual significa cigarrillo.

Ci-garette, se pronuncia la parte de -garette pero en español, "Garet"
No me gustan los garet Newport, tienen mucho mentol. ¿Acaso tienes un Marlboro regular?
by BigFixitGuy95 July 09, 2014
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A usually tall and dumbass fuck who has no idea what anything is, Garet will normally do the dumb shit that you tell him to do. He generally hates everyone and everything around him.
Garet jumped into the garbage can like the dumbass he is.
by lilnutsucc8==D July 11, 2019
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A bratty kid with blue eyes and blonde hair who has a sneering complexion. He acts like he's 6 years older than you. You sometimes call him garet the carrot. He plays baseball and calls you "kid".
me: hi garet. i didn' know you played baseball here.
garet: didn't you know anything, kid. get out of here.
me: okay...
by Lazav (shapeshifter) September 22, 2019
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