Anytime in a game when points don't really make a difference in the outcome of a game. It could be when a team is dominating another by so many points, they bring in the 2nd or 3rd stringers and they continue the ass-whooping. Another example would be a team that is getting their ass kicked real bad, but finally score. It's garbage time because the winning team has practically given up due to the spread being so huge.
Joe: "Man, why is Matt Cassel fist pumping after that TD?"

Greg: "I don't know, it's garbage time." "The Bills have already put this one fact it was over in the 2nd quarter."
by kanas sucks September 14, 2011
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Time begrudgingly spent with another party(often significant other) running errands or other activities in which no benefit or pleasure is gained by you, and the only benefit enjoyed by the offending party is the pleasure of your company.
Your girl asked you to go with her while she got her oil changed? Bra, that's total Garbage Time, pretty soon you'll be serving hors d' oeuvres at her best friends baby shower!
by mckwistonator May 9, 2011
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The last few minutes that the bar is open, usually anywhere between 2:00 and 2:30am. All of the good looking girls have been taken home already, leaving just the mingers and operationally attractive.
John: Did you see that ugly broad that came out of Nick's room this morning?
Dave: Yeah he picked her up at garbage time last night.
by Mr. Armageddon February 2, 2007
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The closing minutes of a blowout game, when the starters have left and the bench players are playing out the clock. Usually refers to basketball, but can be used in other sports. See garbage man.
Of course Darko scored 13 points last night. It was in garbage time, dumbass!
by jibman33 May 5, 2004
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Phrase perfected by Marv Albert, referring to a basketball game in which the winning team's lead is so great, that the mere phrase "garbage time" does not do it justice. This is the part of the game where both teams have emptied their benches and are playing out the clock, but even more so than in just conventional "garbage time."
Marv Albert: "And we are now in extensive garbage time. The Knicks lead the Bulls 127 to 40."
by DirkD January 25, 2007
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A condition when the final weeks of summer are comprised mostly of rain or other poor weather, limiting the ability for people to perform outside activities. Condition commonly occurs in the Northeastern US. During summer garbage time, most people will give up on summer activities such as going to the pool and start stocking up on pumpkin-spiced food items.
The forecast is for rain and clouds all of next week and through Labor Day weekend. It looks like we’re in summer garbage time.
by Rick Cunningham August 19, 2021
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