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Gamethrowing is a term used to describe the deliberate action to intentionally lose a game, and/or having your entire team lose a game, a term popularised thanks to the online strategy game Town of Salem.
Mafioso: "Player name is the godfather!"
Godfather: "You fucking rat! Everyone, report him for gamethrowing!"
by Suspicious Paper September 15, 2016
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the purposeful act of helping another team in a game or changing the game to a way it is not supposed to be played
gamethrowing noob dumbass traitor
by fboy1234321 August 13, 2016
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Gamthrowing is used to describe ToxicBlu when he intentionally loses a game and/or has his entire team lose the game because he is such a cuck.He made this term popular through an online game named Town of Salem where he has -69 Wins and 420 loses.
Mafioso : Supreme is the best godfather ever!
Godfather : You cucking cuck! everyone report him for gamethrowing!
by MemelordRikku March 02, 2017
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