If you call someone a Galatea, you are saying that they are a beauty deemed worthy by Aphrodite.
Boy: Sarah, you are a true Galatea

Sarah: Thank you!
by Anxious_Noodle October 15, 2019
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The most amazing girl I have ever meet. She’s the sweetest and most caring soul on this earth. She deserves nothing but the best this world can give and that may not be enough. Hope one day she realize how lucky we all are for having her on our lives. Your smile brightens my life. And your a sexy goddess that’s all.
You know Kyle? That guy loves Galatea so much.
by KyleMcCall January 27, 2019
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A lovely girl, always very trustworthy. However she is very mystical in her appearance, she seems mysterious . At first she may seem shy, but once you get to know her she opens up and is quiet no more. Galatea will cry after she has had too much to drink, which will make it an emotional time for all. Some might say it is one for her mystical qualities. Galatea's tend to be extremely slim with long brownish hair. They also might posses the character of a hippie or represent the flower power image.
boy: damnnn who's dat shady gal
girl: dat no gal, dats a galatea BOOM!
by sallaaaaa June 30, 2013
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smart, pretty, funny, cultured, goody person, who can sometimes be a little too goofy and crash a car. an average garfield enjoyer. used to be a statue until sculptor fell in love with it.
person: who's that statue that Aphrodite brought to life?
other person: oh that's galatea! she likes the lasagna cat
by superior stick January 20, 2022
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