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A combination of “Gacha Life” and “YouTuber”.
These people use the game “Gacha Life” to create so-called “meme edits”, and others do Multiple Animator Projects (MAPs).
No matter what sort of Gacha content they produce, People who make Gacha Life videos on YouTube are called “GachaTubers
Cyndith: I’m making Gacha videos now!
Joeth: OMG you’re a GachaTuber!
by DunDun The Succ March 15, 2019
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Y: You clearly were philosopher stoned.
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A gachatuber is someone who owns a youtube channel but it's only for gacha. These channels aren't rare at all.
Most of these "GachaTuber" channels are owned by 12-15-year-olds. Some are for some reason owned by 18-23-year-olds. But don't worry, not all GachaTubers are disgusting C: *this is stupid..*
I want to be a GachaTuber!

I watch a lot of GachaTubers.
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Just, filipino's fact proven and all of them are probably IOS Users.
gachatuber: i make really cool lip sync test for u and meet the editor meme tommorow
person man: holy bejeeezus holy me when gachatuber catgirl error potato 123 uploaded the smh relatable meet the editor meme is here lmao ok

Gachatubers are expected to be a fillipino, vietnamese only 2 percent of the fandom is from usa.
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by Caesar Zeppeli January 27, 2021
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gacha is not art
these people usually think they are aesthetic and kawaii for adding a japanese character(s) that doesn't even make sense.
they think that their front facing gacha-life "memes" are so talented when all they do is trace from a dress-up app.
they like to make "animation" where the character just bops their head and turns edgy, and call it animation when they just move the head up and down.
also, they think the "meme" gacha faces are the funniest thing ever, when they arent. most of the time, they are also fake anime fans and use those aesthetic anime gifs in their intros.
モンキーaesthetic-honey-bear-wolf-cutie-gachaツowo: "im so depressed and anxiety levels are so high.... uwu"
person: wow what a gachatuber
by ballicecream March 11, 2021
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