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The act of constantly being on social media and/or posting excessively often.
John was gabing last night, when he was on his cell updating his status all night.
by A Friend 1001001 October 06, 2011
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Being physically inept; out of shape.

Guy one: Wow, John couldn't even finish the lap.

Guy two: Yeah, he was gabing it pretty bad.
by Grizzlygrylls October 04, 2009
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(gay-bing)-v- To make a lie so retarded that everyone looks at you like your an asshole.

Synonym(s): Impulsive Lier
-Guy 1: Dude I totally have a falcon that kills anyone from the government that is out to get me because I'm a part of an organization called FBI I'm the president of it because i made it.
-Guy 2: Uh dude...stop gabing me. We all know thats not true


-Guy 1: Dude I have cancer. But I have hair that I can glue to my head. AND IT GROWS WITH MY HAIR!
-Guy 2: Wow thats not cool. Stop gabing me you retard.

~Next Day~

-Guy 1: Oh the cancer thing is all over with because I made a cure and I used it. But it was only enough for myself and the ceiling collasped on my head so i forgot how to do it.
-Guy 2: *Walks away shaking his head* Fucking asshole.


-Nerd 1: Insert popular girl's name here totally blew me last night.

-Nerd 2: Yeah right. Stop gabing me.
by ifailepicly December 13, 2010
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1. Addressing all aspects of life with great philosophical meaning (sometimes far more than necessary), or trying far too hard.

2. Having the absolute, unnecessary need to be everywhere at once with the intent of being helpful (but truly complicating things more).

3. Doing something in which the sole purpose is simply "for crew."
Person 1: Did you see that guy run up and down the assembly line trying to do every single job?

Person 2: Yeah, he was gabing really hard.
by oaxacatriptaker2012 May 06, 2012
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