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(gay-bing)-v- To make a lie so retarded that everyone looks at you like your an asshole.

Synonym(s): Impulsive Lier
-Guy 1: Dude I totally have a falcon that kills anyone from the government that is out to get me because I'm a part of an organization called FBI I'm the president of it because i made it.
-Guy 2: Uh dude...stop gabing me. We all know thats not true


-Guy 1: Dude I have cancer. But I have hair that I can glue to my head. AND IT GROWS WITH MY HAIR!
-Guy 2: Wow thats not cool. Stop gabing me you retard.

~Next Day~

-Guy 1: Oh the cancer thing is all over with because I made a cure and I used it. But it was only enough for myself and the ceiling collasped on my head so i forgot how to do it.
-Guy 2: *Walks away shaking his head* Fucking asshole.


-Nerd 1: Insert popular girl's name here totally blew me last night.

-Nerd 2: Yeah right. Stop gabing me.
by ifailepicly December 13, 2010

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