Troll abbreviation for Get Well Soon

Commonly quoted amongst TSO members.
RIP David Plonker

Charlie: Get well soon champ.

Marcus: He's not sick he's dead.

Charlie: Poor guy. i hope he gets well soon.

Marcus: HE'S DEAD

GWS Marcus
by $portez February 02, 2012
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"R.I.P David Plonker"

Charlie: Get well soon champ


Charlie: Poor guy. I hope he gets well soon

Marcus: HE'S DEAD!

GWS Marcus.
by $portez February 02, 2012
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my current weight is 125 pounds. my gw is 115 by next month.
by omgitsjessica7 August 13, 2008
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abbreviation for

1. get with (teenage equivalent of making out)

2. got with
1. (a)
good party?
yeah was sick
how many gws?
like 4 man
(b) would you gw lucy?
yeah she's hot

2. how was the party?
so good gw this guy was pretty fit
by luckyluuccy December 22, 2013
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Most of the time gw means guess what
Girl gw ?

Me and Serena just got back together
by Savagelife101 March 15, 2018
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grinding whore loves to grind and will grind on any boy
by lyiah diah March 31, 2009
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