my current weight is 125 pounds. my gw is 115 by next month.
by omgitsjessica7 August 14, 2008
abbreviation for

1. get with (teenage equivalent of making out)

2. got with
1. (a)
good party?
yeah was sick
how many gws?
like 4 man
(b) would you gw lucy?
yeah she's hot

2. how was the party?
so good gw this guy was pretty fit
by luckyluuccy December 23, 2013
grinding whore loves to grind and will grind on any boy
by lyiah diah March 31, 2009
1337 language meaning "good work"... after a round and that person has killed everyone.
<pb> killed <player> with m4a1
terrorists win

<boo> gw m8
<n00b> gw
<pb> ta
by blastaz September 24, 2003
Means a veriaty of things,

1. Gay White - usually an offencive phrase
2. Games Workshop - A model and gaming shop known world wide
3. G.W. Bush - *stays quiet*
4. Gundam Wing - An Anime popular with the Yaoi fangirls due to lots of pretty boys/Bishies!!!
1. ...........................

2. "I'm going to GW to pick up some new Warhammer models"

3. ..........................

4. "GW is so good. I love Quatre and Trowa, they make such a cute couple."
by Luna Tsukino December 8, 2006
german acronym, means: "Glückwunsch" (congratulation)
one: ich hab heut nen job bekommen!
other: gw
by lagrimo May 30, 2007
Somebody: Im sick...
You. Gws! Hope you feel better.
by GaemMasta October 18, 2018