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Stands for Goldman Union Camp Institute. Also known as the best of all Jewish camps. Ironically located in Zionsville, Indiana, GUCI has two sessions. First session is known to have less ruach (spirit) but is more chill because kids who go first session have just gotten out of school and are ready for summer. Second session has more ruach because they have been waiting around for a month or more for camp to start. GUCI is known for being musical, with song sessions after every meal and particularly long song session on shabbat and folk music song sessions on Saturday nights before services/havalah and Saturday movie night. Director was Rabbi Ron Klotz, who directed the camp for 35 years after retiring after summer 2010. Taking over is Rabbi Mark Covitz. Rabbi Ron is famous for shabbat evening campfire stories about the Baal Shem Tov. GUCI rocks.
GUCI camper: Hey man, what are you doing this summer?
EKC camper: Ah going back to EKC! You?
GUCI camper: Definitely going back to GUCI for my seventh summer as a camper!
EKC camper: Damn, I wish EKC was as awesome as GUCI.
GUCI camper: They all do.
by gucigirl55 April 17, 2011
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