Acronym for "Get that ass banned." a phrase used by streamers before they banned users in the chat. Usually happens when someone insults them, says something stupid, or just said something they just plain didn't like. Popularized by Twitch streamer LOWTI3RGOD.
A: "God like R.Mika? GTAB."
B: "You said footsies? GTAB."
C: "You say I suck but you couldn't fuck with me in a set? GTAB."
by Aemuli September 18, 2016
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An acronym for "Get That Ass Banned" coined by Twitch Streamer LowTierGod. Typically used when there's some serious faggotry going on.
"You talkin' smack when your mom got this BBC last night? GTAB!"
by Napoleon Dynamight March 11, 2020
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a.k.a. 'Get that ass banned'. Mostly used in online communities when someone would either act hostile towards the community or posts/shares inappropriate content or content that has nothing to do with the purpose of the group.
A: "Y'all Bison mains can go fuck yourselves. Such a shit character, has plusframes on every goddamn move ffs."

B: "Lol this salt. GTAB!"
C: "BM GTAB boii"
by Arcane Jester June 4, 2016
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Getting The Absolute Best basically meaning nothing and is usually a follow up of getting an ass banned (GTAB)from Ltg’s stream.
Cuck: Salt
LTG: Shut the fuck up faceless faggot get that ass banned(gtab)! Fucking cucks Getting The Absolute Best out here bitch get the fuck out.
by Greasybiscuitcuck May 10, 2019
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Lowti3rgod it would be great if you didn't promote animal violence on stream and hit your gf

LTG: shut the fuck up faggot ,GTAB
by BASED YEEZYYYYY February 13, 2016
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