Abbreviation. Grand Theft Auto 4.

The best free roaming game ever created!!!!! (as of 2008)
GUY: OMG DUDE! GTA 4 comes out in Tuesday!!!!!
by AceDaCase April 28, 2008
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One of the best games of all time.

GTA 4 > all

I love GTA 4

who doesnt?
by three1ohhh March 22, 2009
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A piece of shit. Anyone who likes this game is either:

A) A new gamer who has no idea how bad this game actually is when compared to the classics before it.

B) A Rockstar Fanboy

C) Someone who likes a game because of it's graphics, even if the gameplay sucks.
Dude: GTA 4 is very unstable and buggy. How did this game sell so many copies?

Fanboy: How dare you question GTA IV's success!
by bluemuffin May 30, 2009
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Many steps must be taken to have a Prostitute pleasure you in the popular game Grand Theft Auto 4. Hookers can Provide many great benifits and hours of Ho killin' fun. This is a step by step guide on how to treat some of Liberty City's biggest sluts.

1: You must first aquire a automobile. Simply hijack one from a citizen, then run him/her over because it's hilarious.

2: The best way to find hookers it to drive around ghetto places at night and look for women clad in booty shorts, and saying things like "Me Sucky Sucky".

3: Once you have chosen your Hooker, you must then honk the cars horn to let her know you want to pick her up. She will come over to your car, shake that hot animated ass, and you must press a certain button for her to hop in the car.

4: You must now find a quiet place where the woman can carry out the action you wish her to do.

5: Once you have found a good place, a menu will come up with all the sexual acts possible for the hooker all are good and will give you health. Whilst the deed is being carried out, the hooker will yell various things such as "Fuck me harder!"

6: Once she is done, she will exit your car and ALWAYS run her over for the lulz and to get your money back, and more from that bitch.

7: Repeat.
A GTA 4 Hooker really knows how to take a dick.
by maxatron July 30, 2009
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