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A popular term on forums, standing for Green Ring Of Life, or ring of green lights that encircle the power button on an Xbox 360 console when it is powered on. The term was created in response to the overuse of the RROD, (Red Ring Of Death) a xbox harware failure.

Term was created by Frag Monger at 12:22PM (PST) on October 18, 2007 on the forums.
"I'm def down with GROL. "
"Me too! Long live XBOX"
by Alex Misa October 20, 2007
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Green Ring Of Light: A wonderful phenomenon in which a Microsoft Xbox 360 is turned on, and the 'Ring of Light' around the power button glows green.
I was playing Bioshock and got the RROD, but the next day I tried again and got GROL!
by Matt198456 October 18, 2007
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grol is a typo for growl
Nick grols
Nick grols at you in a menacing manner!
by [Gareth] October 21, 2004
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