stemming off the slang word milf which was made popular in 1997 by the hit summer blockbuster American Pie, gpilfs adds deeper meaning to the acronym. instead of "mother i'd like to f***," gpilfs branches off into a broader meaning and brings the elderly into the mix of things. like a black man once said, "even fat chicks need lovin." well so do old people. with the recent medical advances of such erection dysfunction medications such as viagra, cialis, and levitra (Warren Sr. actually uses all 3), it is possible for man that is 92 years of age to form a decent-sized stiffy. with this in mind, gpilfs has earned its status as a valid word in today's ebonics. "grandparents i'd like to f***."
"yo is J de'rre?"
"nah, J is out wit dem gpilfs again 2nite mayne!"
by diego davis August 09, 2005
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