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Getting Laid Potential
the capability/possibility for one to engage in sexual intercourse
1. "Dude this new party shirt really increases my GLP"
2. "Your GLP completely dropped after that video of you masturbating hit the internet"
by D-FED March 06, 2010
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Short for Godlike Productions, one of the top conspiracy sites on the net! Also home to many people who enjoy making fun of the hopelessly schizophrenic.
Woowoo A: The Earth is going to spiral into the sun! I had this really bad dream, and I saw fire everywhere, and I used math to do some numerology that says we're all going to die next Tuesday.

Woowoo B: Aieegh!

Woowoo C: This is all the Jews fault.


Next Tuesday:

Woowoo A: Wait...the voices in my head are telling me it might be a bit longer...BUT ITS STILL DEFINITELY COMING!

Woowoo B: Aieegh!

Wooowoo c: This is still the Jew's fault.

Normal person who visits GLP for the laughs: LMAO
by Mr. Normal April 28, 2007
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"Gratuitous Layout Post" or when you create a new journal entry in your Livejournal, blog, etc that you're posting for the sole purpose of telling people to view and admire your new layout.
This is a GLP! My friend Emily designed this layout for me to celebrate my new fandom.
by Mandy S. May 29, 2005
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To Giggle like a piglet. Kinda like LOL less strong tho. Comes from A3k (of OutKast) when he says in a song: "I got ya gigglin like a piglet..."
OMG GLP He is too funny!
by G Na$ty of Lincoln, NE April 07, 2009
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