Definition 1

Person: hey GL on that maths test tomorrow

Definition 2

Person: Hey isn’t Ali A such a good youtuber

Person 2: OMG dude you’re such a GL
by Tescoisgay January 03, 2019
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Gl is a genre that depicts homosexual relationships between women and focuses on emotional aspects of relationships.
Additionally, people use the word "yuri" but yuri focuses more on the sexual aspects(explicit content) between women.
Person 1: Yooo dude i just finished this Gl manga! they were so cute aaa my heart go brrr,,!!?>/
by allthenamesaretakenn December 21, 2020
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the correct term for a glitch.

see glitch
there must have been a gl-glitch on myspace... the 'new comments' thing kept showing but I didn't have a new comment!!!
by Caseybaby October 24, 2007
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Short for good luck mate. Derived from the expressions "gl", meaning good luck and "m8", being short for mate.
While texting:
You - "I have a math test tomorrow"
Friend - "gl m8"
by JLundhoj June 01, 2018
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GLS was a pencil tagging crew at eastern Helsinki high school (Vesala) during mid 1990s.

It was short for gay lovers, such a nice joke for 14 year olds. The rivaling crew was called KST.
by pottu October 11, 2021
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