GL & HF means good luck and have fun. It is nice to say this to people at the start of a game.
GL & HF in this minigames guys!
by FFMikey May 10, 2016
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In league of legends, it is polite to say GL & HF in the early minutes of the game. GL stands for good luck and HF means have fun.

While people may say this, they are just whoring for honor or something, they really mean fuck you I want to win, please can someone on your team feed.
(All) (00:20) Tryndamere: GL & HF
(00:34) Tryndamere: I hope we win
by Hatss August 20, 2013
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Good Luck , Have Fun

Usually typed before a game match.
teams usually do this "GL HF #TEAM-ABC"

<LINKjulius>gl hf guys
<ABCkiller>gl hf #TEAM-ABC
by Julius Oh June 25, 2007
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Acronym for “Good Luck, Have Fun”. Sent at the end of a horrible relationship signaling prosperous adventures on the road ahead.”
“You cheated on me with my best friend? GL HF!”
by Sic Dood May 20, 2018
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GL HF is often known as 'Good Luck Have Fun'. However, it is actually the biggest form of bm and stands for 'Get Laid Hopeless Faggot'.
Guy 1: GL HF DUDE!
Guy 1: What?
Guy 2: it actually means get laid hopeless faggot
Guy 1: Illuminati confirmed
by Minecraftdude564 March 27, 2015
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