An acronym for GoodLube HardFuck.
Trol-*cough*Knowledgeable person: Yea, GoodLube HardFuck to you too.
by Hakito June 5, 2014
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Usually said in the last few seconds of a game countdown on (or any game lobby). It's short for: "good luck, have fun, don't die."

by xxavalanchexx September 26, 2006
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GL = Good Luck
HF = Have Fun
GF = Go Frag

An abbreviation for internet slang when saying goodbye.
<Gamer 1> Nice game, ttyl.
<Gamer 2> Same, gl hf gf.
<Gamer 1> U 2!
by Lallarn May 16, 2011
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User 1: gl hf!
user 2: ty! hf
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An extended version of the traditional "Good Luck, Have Fun." The additional "mf" means "motherfuckers" Therefore, its a way to be Bad Mannered at the start of a game. Best used with capslock: "GOOD LUCK, HAVE FUN, MOTHERFUCKERS!"
Bob: gl hf mf!
Fred: You Too!
by TheMotherF-er December 30, 2011
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Good Luck, have fun, don't die, no rush until 15 minutes have passed.
As in:

Player X: sup
Player Y: nm
Player X: goooooooooooooo

Player Y: still dling noob
Player X: afk 2 sec
Player Y: wtf
Player X: gooooooooooooooooooo
Player Y: gl hf dd nr 15
by F25_Xanatos November 23, 2010
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