The word Ghat was been adopted as a slang word for a firearm carried by gang members. It is derived from the “Ghat gun” which was a low powered air powered pistol designed to fire a variety of projectiles.
Check it, that dudes got a Ghat! Looks like a beretta 9mm
by G Angsta May 04, 2006
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The act of being clapped. Synonyms- clapped, fried, zooted.
Charles Waish was ghatted during bio.

Yoooo are you ghatted bro?
by guw0pkavy January 29, 2019
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Ghat is a leaf chewed in Yemen, Ethiopia, Somalia, and among Yemenite Jews in Israel that has stimulative qualities. Ghat chewing sessions involve playing the 'ud smoking a nargilah and other such Eastern reveries.
I don't work, I just chew ghat all day.
by Yeshu' February 11, 2005
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An acronym that stands for Give Hope And Take (Away). When you give someone hope but then ruthlessly take it away immediately.
Trevor: Hey Mone, will you be my Valentine??

Mone: Absolutely, Trevor!
Mone: Jk nah
Bystander: DAMN u just got ghat. She just ghatted you so hard.
by ssssssnek February 08, 2019
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