The word Ghat was been adopted as a slang word for a firearm carried by gang members. It is derived from the “Ghat gun” which was a low powered air powered pistol designed to fire a variety of projectiles.
Check it, that dudes got a Ghat! Looks like a beretta 9mm
by G Angsta May 4, 2006
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The act of being clapped. Synonyms- clapped, fried, zooted.
Charles Waish was ghatted during bio.

Yoooo are you ghatted bro?
by guw0pkavy January 30, 2019
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i have a ghat
by Anonymous August 24, 2003
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Ghat is a leaf chewed in Yemen, Ethiopia, Somalia, and among Yemenite Jews in Israel that has stimulative qualities. Ghat chewing sessions involve playing the 'ud smoking a nargilah and other such Eastern reveries.
I don't work, I just chew ghat all day.
by Yeshu' February 11, 2005
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An acronym that stands for Give Hope And Take (Away). When you give someone hope but then ruthlessly take it away immediately.
Trevor: Hey Mone, will you be my Valentine??

Mone: Absolutely, Trevor!
Mone: Jk nah
Bystander: DAMN u just got ghat. She just ghatted you so hard.
by ssssssnek February 9, 2019
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<noun> a. The thug way of saying 'gun', 'pistol', or 'raafil'
<adj.> b. The 'gh' is pronounced the same as 'ph' or the letter 'F'. Thus, the word becomes said as 'Fat' or 'Phat'. 'Ghat' is said very rarely and must, MUST be used properly.
Means: awesome, cool, hip, boppin', jammin', or sweet.
a. Nigga, stop ra'ght now o' I'll pop yous wit ma ghat like no prob', Bitch!
b. Yo, Smeez, your wheels are Ghat!
by Joseph Dirt June 6, 2005
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