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Get Drunk and Fuck Titties

or more commonly known as

Get Drunk Fuck Titties

It is a universal expression used to describe a crazy night of extreme drunkenness.

This expression is used when one plans on partying hard or getting completely and utterly wasted(and or when one plans on getting laid).
This expression is usually used as encouragement or to help someone loosen up before a night of partying.
Usually it only works if the expression is shouted or screamed.
Example One - "Santi GDFT for me tonight son"
"Yeah I got you TK"

Example Two- " Yeah tonights gonna be the night boys, now on the count of three; one, two, three, GET DRUNK FUCK TITTIES!!!"

Example Three-" Man I GDFTed crazy last night, it was insane, you shoulda been there"
"Nice Tony!!!"
by EmporerTKWJ April 10, 2010
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A dope sneaker/clothing boutique with stores in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. They carry dope clothing such as BrknHome, Stussy, The Hundreds, MHI, Mishka etc., and get the hypest sneakers such as Nike SB, Jordans, and Vans.
Guy 1 "Yo, have those new Nike SB's dropped yet?"

Guy 2 "I dunno, you should hit up GDFT to see if they got them yet."
by CrazyTDotter October 07, 2007
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GDFT also stands for Gone Drifting, Fun Time. Many drifters put this as a bumper sticker. Drifting is a motor sport in which you slide the car sideways at hisgh speeds.
Guy:1 Yo, whats up man

Guy2: im GDFT, you should have come!
by dirty drift December 07, 2010
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