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A spandex wearing, raging homo commonly found on the website "Yahoo Answers"
GCG is said to be an acronym in tribute to the Chicago Cubs baseball team and stand for "Go Cubs Go" however several other variations are known to exist such (but not limited too) the following:
-Gay Crotch Grabber
-Giant Cock Gobbler
-Gay Chubby Goo
-Girly Cubs Guy
-Ghey Chav Gangbang
-Giant Crotchless Guy
-Gave Celeste Gonorrhea, and
-go cock go

There is an overall consensus that this guy does in fact take it in the ass, and well.
GCG cradles the balls and strokes the shaft like its his job.
by gcg swallows January 22, 2009
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GCG is short for G'town Cum Guzzler. Its when you and your crew of college boys have nothing to do at night so they all blow loads on you.
G: Hey AJ hows college been?

AJ: ahh you know, cant complain, a few times we went out clubbing, but the best nights are when im Chief Cum Guzzler.

G: so youre a GCG?

AJ: yea, its fuggin legit, wanna join.

G: im good...
by LayWood June 04, 2009
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GCG - Good Christian Girl
She's a good girl, loves her mama
Loves Jesus and America too!
Mark: Lydia is super pretty and she goes to church!
Jurgen: Yeah man... she's a GCG!
by @GEMtries July 24, 2018
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