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Made my Infiniti, Powered by the SR20DE, or if you happen to be a racer, perhapes a SR20DET. This small Nissian powerplant is capable of dilevering an thourogh ass kicking to a Civic, Accord, Integra or any other B powered Honda. With a turbo, it can easily outrun cars that would scare the pants of most racers. Exmp, Check out on YouTube, there is a video of a G20 killing a Porsche Cayman S.


Not only is this car an amazing sleeper, It has great handling thanks to the suspension from a 300zx.

If you are looking for a daily driver, and possibly... somthing more, the G20 is for you my friend.
Civic: Hey man what the heck is that...
G20: This... its your worst nightmare
Civic: Put your money where your mouth is
G20: Lets go...

Post Race

Civic: Wow... what happened?
G20: G20... thats what happened, dont foreget it...
by RapMastaCJ August 31, 2006
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Crazy Canadian comics on the show SouthPark thier flapping heads and crude jokes are thier trademarks
a typical terence & phillip skit.
Philip: Hey Terence, your an ass raping pig fucker
Terence: Why phillip why
Phillip: well for one... you fuck pigs...
Terence: Oh yea thats right..
by RapMastaCJ September 02, 2006
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