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The scale of g's added after the word vog. The mroe g's added to "vog" the hotter the girl is!
"yo man look shes a good 25 on the g-scale. " "what who?!"
by The Brown Kid December 06, 2006
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A scale that measures the amount of "g" or gayness of a person or action. The g scale has no quantitative units of measure as "g" is a purely subjective measure. On a cartesian grid, higher "g" is up and towards the right. The g scale is most commonly used to compare two items with regards to "g" as in wearing a pink shirt is not as high on the scale as shoveling your walk in a banana sling and flip flops. It is also used to denote a high "g" by stating that something is on the scale.
Dude, that made the g-scale.

That last policy memo from the boss was on the g-scale.

Liberace, Broke Back Mountain, and Senator Larry Craig show progression along the g scale.
by Heptard February 09, 2008
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