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A big wad of cash stuffed in ones drawers (pants).More than anyone should carry around with them,formed mostly with 100 and 50 dollar bills
"yo,whatchu doin wit dat G-Roll stuffed in yo drawers? Someone gonna jump yo punk ass and take it!"
by VixxSixxSixx March 16, 2009
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go and roll combined
wen a person wants to leave or go somewere wid the hommie
yo man we goin or what
"yeh bru lets groll den manz"
by djtwitch June 18, 2008
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vb. grolling, grolled. 1. to roger a man with an artifical phallus (particularly, a woman wearing such a device (see 'strap-on').
She grolled him until his eyes watered.
by The Anal Avenger April 29, 2005
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