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Fu-womp (as in swamp) (verb) The act of pooping in the approximate amount of time it would take one to pee. Getting just enough poop out to hold one over until one has ample time to get settled into a more private and comfortable poop recepticle, bathroom, shithouse, john, get the idea...or toilet.

Usually performed in situations such as new relationships while at future in-laws', in the midst of mixed company having dinner, or when in a rush for work to make it on time but not having to hold it the entire commute.

Person 1: "Dude, we only got 3 minutes 'til class and I really gotta poop!"
Person 2: "Just go Fwamp."
Person 1: "Great idea! I'm so glad this word exists!!!"
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Fwamp is everything in life.. Fwamp is the alpha and the omega. Fwamp is the beginning to the end. Fwamp is life.
How the fwamp are you?
Can I take a look at your fwamp?
Oh fwamp what the fwamp is that?
by Thefwamper May 23, 2017
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