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~to be furbied, adj, state:

Getting so wasted on pills/mdma (mainly) and other narcotic substances after depriving oneself of sleep for days on end that the induvidual's behaviour deteriorates to that of a complete mong and is practically brain-dead. This ussually has the result on the induvidual of utter clumsiness, stupidity, nervous wreckage, and most noticably, a wide-pupilled, gurn-munchingly shocked, Elijah Wood-esque facial features. ie. Like a Furby.

Goes well with the prefix 'Fuckin'
1. He'd been awake since Tuesday and after the rave on Friday he was furbied as fuck.

2. He didn't even attempt to clean up the drinks he'd spilt as he was too fuckin furbied.

3. He double dropped and then took some CK. After his third tab of acid he was completely fuckin furbied.

4. Did you see his face? He was fuckin furbied.

5. Go home you fuckin furby!
by rasfuk September 23, 2006
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