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Someone (usually a wife or mother) that has the uncanny ability and timing.. to pick the exact moment when you are truly happy and bring it to a screeching stop.
Mike: This is the best time I've ever had. It sure is nice to be able to finally...

Gail: We gotta go. This sunlight is too shiny.. and what's with all the crystal blue water.... they keep refilling my drink before it's even half empty!

by customfish February 05, 2010
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Someone, usually an office manager, who tries to control every aspect of their co-workers life because he doesn't believe in having fun, and hates it when anyone else has fun, and in his home life his balls are so firmly gripped by his girlfriend that he takes it out on everyone else by wrecking their fun.
"Our manager is such a funwrecker, all we want to do is talk for 30 seconds and play some pool online and he's having a hissy fit about everything, such a funwrecker"
by Customer22 February 09, 2017
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