The anticeptic water in a port-a-potty. Commonly found at sporting events and concerts.
At the golf tournament, the chubby girl in the Old Navy sweat suit would not stop watching me. After witnessing Tom Kite break his six-iron over a patron's forehead, I took the girl into the nearest port-a-potty. Whilst inside, I continuously dunked her head-first into the blue water, all the while penetrating her from behind. Tom Kite would not stop laughing.
by The Pantsman April 30, 2007
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A code word used by clueless visitors to a topless area (Usually a beach, swimming pool, or other place where water is prominently blue) used to point out a nice looking set of boobs without being noticed by the other people.
Guy1: "Hey man, look at all this BLUE WATER around here!"

Guy2: "Yeah I know! theres some really big BLUE WATER to your left."

Guy1: "Holy shit! That's the nicest BLUE WATER I have ever seen!"
by AAShadow15 January 27, 2010
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Getting a blow job in a port-a-potty while you are taking a shit.
I met this bitch at the fair, I gave her the blue water after a corn dog and lemonade.
by Chili Dawg October 24, 2019
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Blue water, the source of all life. If a guy call himselfs "Blue-water" (check the capital B) he got to be a friendly and plane guy!(and suck in CS)
"Blue water = good thirst-drink"

(see also "water")
"Wanna come with me to the water? ok! *walking to the water* Omg! that was a "blue water"!"

"Hi Blue-water, hows it goin handsome guy?"
by Blue-water May 20, 2004
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A blue water burrito is another word for shit in a porta potty.

The burrito represents a long and solid turd while the blue water is the blue liquid in the porta potty.
I just laid a blue water burrito in the honey bucket.
by Angry russian110 January 4, 2020
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A second to a nigga's favorite drink, consisting of water, blue and about 5 pounds of sugar per glass.
After a long day on the plantations, Marcus demanded grape drank. Unfortunately, all they had was urban blue water, so he dealt with it.
by Thrustyn1gg4 February 7, 2010
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