When a lady does a fart from a seated position and it rolls forwards between the legs, before releasing itself in the vaginal area. The word derives from an amalgamation of ‘front/fart’ and ‘cunt’, where it eventually escapes. A funt is not a pleasurable experience.
A funt may also occasionally be referred to as a vunt, in reference to the vagina.
Gary: “ah mate, did you hear about what Karen for up to last night?”
James: “no, what?”
Gary: “she did a proper naughty funt
James: “ew gross, what a slag”
by Coolditch July 18, 2020
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Funt is another word for cunt only spelt wrong.
Rachael, do you shave your funt?
by milly November 07, 2004
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A Fucking Cunt; a female who is being more than annoying
Hey Helen... Stop being such a FUNT!!!!!
by DaRock August 07, 2006
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The one and only TRUE definition of funt: n; air escaping from the vagina; i.e. cunt fart
"Ewww what was that?" "Sorry, I funted."
by gary October 06, 2003
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Funt is that wonderfully soft area above the cunt that I love to kiss.......and knead.........and play with!
my lovers wonderful soft and kissable FUNT!
by Mr. Lovelace January 24, 2004
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