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When you're eating a meal, such as lunch, with a group of friends, and one of your friends says a serious comment that you find hilarious. It may be that she got a new boyfriend, failed a test, or found out she has an STD. Whatever reason it is, you laugh hysterically. When she asks why you are laughing, you reply "This (insert food here) is just soooo funny," or something to that effect.

FunnyCake may also be called:
Or many others.
Heather: So yeah, I am dating Steven.
Heather: What?
Craig: *Laughing to himself*
Heather: No, what, why are you laughing?
Craig: *Tears coming from eyes* This cake. Is just. Soooo funny!
Jennifer: Ahahahah! It IS FunnyCake!
Craig: This cake is just. Hilarious.
by CraigMania[c]! February 03, 2010
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