A grossly overweight woman who thinks that her extra rolls of fat is somehow sexy. An obese female who wears skin tight clothing or short revealing garments. Usually associated with fat women skinny women also can be funky bitches if their hygiene is lacking.
Brenda who weighs 342 pounds paraded around the beach in her two piece bikini when she bent over to pick up her towel a passerby by remarked "that's one Funky Bitch"
by Funky Wagner August 21, 2009
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A female with an odor coming from the vaginal area that is not appealing.
That girl I met last night was a "funky bitch"!
by Bubbas Bride July 14, 2008
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A low life person with no goals or dreams. Subject to do anything with anybody at anytime.To be disappointed or disgusted with someone.
I thought you were my friend you funky dog bitch.
by King T. August 16, 2006
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A bitch so heinous that this is the only word to describe her as she is worse than a funky bitch. Is not a bitch who smells rank and disco dances.
"Dude, that funky ass bitch just cut you off!"
by altermeist November 15, 2010
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A girl who tells a boy into doing something bad, lies on him, and get someone to treat him like a bad guy to tarnish his reputation.
Kim: Pour milk on that boy’s hat.
Chris: Why?
Kim: (Forces Chris to pour milk on the other boy’s hat).
Chris: Sorry, Tom. Kim, you funky dog head bitch!
Tom: (Sees Chris as a bad guy, and got his friendship ruined with Chris).
by LinkxPeach November 19, 2021
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