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A fake uncle. It is a man that is not actually related to you at all, but that you call uncle anyways. Initially, you did not know that he is not actually your uncle. Funkles can be really cool or really creepy, there is usually no in-between.
Mindy: "You mean Uncle Joey isn't actually your mom or dad's brother?"
Elizabeth: "No, he's just my funkle."
by theoffice222 April 08, 2009
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Funkle Fun-Uncle: Mom's best male friend, her brother from another mother: Not related by blood but such a good friend of the family that he is considered family.
My Funkle is funny, comical and curious. There is never a dull moment drinking cocktails with this man.
by H.B.pixie<3ALI March 05, 2011
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Funkles are the male equivalent of the female "Cankles".
Dude- that chick has cankles. Her fat ass boyfriend has some nasty Funkles! Sick.
by Mattaussie December 17, 2010
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An old black uncle who always listens to funk music and has gerry curls. His dog's name is usually something like Bootsy, or Dr. Funkenstein but he may have an iguana instead named Ralph or Gerald. He owns one shirt.
Funkle Marcus can we have ice cream?

Shut yo damn mouth for five minutes and maybe Funkle Marcus will get yo ass a ice cream.

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by Holla@yomayor June 25, 2016
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Funkle is a combination of the word "fun" and "Cool" giving it a similar meaning to "Awesome" or "Radical"
That game is Funkle!
by MR-Master February 18, 2014
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