To be completely charged and ready for action.
(1) I haven't had sex in three weeks, im "fully charged".
(2) I had six cups of coffee this morning, im "fully Charged".
by tyrizone June 26, 2009
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A simple drinking game that involves consuming alcoholic beverages until you reach a cumulative ABV of 100%

Ex: Bud light contains 5% ABV. Consume 20 Bud lights to win and become Fully Charged.
Hey bro I just got out of class. you tryna get Fully Charged?
by sg2000 May 22, 2020
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When you've got so static electricity that every part of your body starts getting shocked by your world and it seems like you got that static ghost from ghostbuster haunting you.

Theres a pen that does that too i wanna see someone get shocked...
did you see my friend there, she's fully charged.
by Cody5050 November 15, 2020
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