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A full beer. Used when you have finished a beer and want to replace an empty with a full beer
Hey, get rid of all these empties and bring me a fullie
by andypoirier August 09, 2013
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Generally a school gang where there cock smoking reaches a point of no returns. Mainly consists of wogs, bogans and retards. Fullies tend to embrace all that is stupid, smoke in between classes, and have mullets hair styles to justify their existance.

Plural is fullies.
Matt Caraffa is the leader of the fullie gang.
by King Of Jing July 11, 2006
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A fullie, known also as a full beard, is a majestic mane, or a glorious face beaver of a fine gentleman. Such a wondrous beard causes people to stare in amazement and gaze upon it. Some have been known to cry when seeing one.
I saw the most wonderful fullie the other day, I thought my head was going to explode.
by Beardzilla April 27, 2011
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