An old man who wears a pink polo shirt with a right front pocket with khaki pants and sandals. Smokes about every five minutes. Drives a AE86 Trueno(1988 Apex Corolla) or a Subaru WRX Type R.
Hey Bunta! Get two hands on the wheel! We're tackling a corner! I don't care if you need to smoke! We're going over 100 km/h. Aaahhhhhhhh.
by Toan October 20, 2003
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woww fujiawanf zonen1! fujiwara tekcumi fast last name go teeeleport touge!!!! WO!WW!1!!
"Takumi Fujiwara i do fujiwara zone!"
"gg nigga fuck you im done hacker man just fccking teleported im aout frick you just slid outta here fujiwara zone my ass"
by Smokyoin October 2, 2020
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A cool old man who drives a kick ass AE86. He smokes every couple minutes and owns a tofu shop.
Bunta is gonna be president one day
by jfdlkfhla;dhflkdjflak August 6, 2004
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A technique used by Takumi Fujiwara in the anime series Initial D. Named by Ryosuke Takahashi, the Fujiwara Zone allows Takumi to handle his AE86 in a way that would seem to defy what is believed to be possible. This is the result of Takumi having driven his AE86 from a young age and forming a strong connection to the car, almost as if it were an extension to his body. The technique can be identified by the AE86 appearing to teleport while driving, which is an illusion caused by the human eyes not being able to keep up with the preconceived notion that a weak car like the AE86 is impossible of executing such techniques.
Fumihiro: How is the Eight-Six capable of such advanced movement and techniques?
Ryosuke: That is a result of the Fujiwara Zone.
by BioFever836 November 2, 2020
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The Fujiwara Zone is an effect when you are listining to EUROBEAT and you get 86% faster in anything you're doing.
If you're Black and you're trying to run faster then the racist Cops, you use the Fujiwara Zone to get faster.
by Initial_D_Freak October 31, 2017
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Father of Fujiwara Takumi, owner of the Fujiwara Tofu Shop, possibly the best driver in the world. Often seen smoking a cigarette, driving his 1983 Toyota Trueno GT-APEX, or both.
Watch me drift around this turn at 120 kph while lighting a cigarette.
by Initial B December 5, 2004
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Fujiwara Takumi is the main character of a Japanese anime and manga featuring downhill racing with an emphasis on "drift" technique.
by blake March 21, 2004
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