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Lower Dauphin Middle School's 8th grade history teacher. A man who is entirely too loud, this denizen of Hell will rip out the soul of any who calls him by his sex name, "The Fuhrmanator." This man should be observed with caution, and held off with a stick, as he bites. He pimps in his free time, and keeps his cane underneath his desk. He reminisces about the time that teachers were allowed to paddle children. His favorite phrase is "FOF". He claims it means "Focus on Fuhrman", but we all know it is the motto of his slave ring, "Fuck or Fight". He has a tendency to clap, a habit attained from back in his old days of a slave trader. Enjoys long walks on the beach, flowers, and crushing childrens' dreams.

NOTE: Calling him "Daddy" also rouses his anger. This has been tested.
Nelson: Nigel disappeared the other day.
Norman: Looks like we lost another to the Fuhrmanator.
by [restricted] September 19, 2016
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