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An extreme version of "sexting" where the receiver of the text is met with the most graphic of sexual imagery, including penetration, cumshots and buggery.
Guy #1: "Are you sexting with that girl from the club last night?"

Guy #2: "Sexting? Nah, she's sending me pictures of her using a butt plug and squirting while deep throating a dildo."

Guy #1: Wow, you just met her and you're already fucktexting?"
by RubberChickenFucker February 12, 2010
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The accidental blank and/or obscene texts sent while in the middle of some form of sexual activities
I was talking to my friend before my girlfriend came in the room and in the midst of intercourse i sent several blank texts. After the sex was over, I apologized gingerly for the fuck texts.
by EnzoC November 27, 2010
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To Text an old Flame, While you are fucking someone else.

Or Texting a current girlfriend, While fucking another girl.

You can be the recipient of a fuck text.

Get fuck-texted on.
I was banging Tracey last night and I deceided to Fuck-Text Dawn.
by Immature922 May 15, 2009
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