1. A word developed to describe a person who has done something shady or is shady.
2. Someone who likes to hit it and quit it all day.
3. Someone who does something or says something that pisses everyone off.
4. A synonym to the slang version of "gay", not literally homosexual.
"Damn do you see that fuckster over there?" - Tim
"Oh you mean that shady guy named Eugene Kim
that looks like Tae Yang?" - Victor

" Stop being such a fuckster Eugene! >:O"

"I'm sorry, but seriously the first time i met that guy Eugene,
I knew he was a fuckster"
by KPXentertainment September 27, 2010
An individual who is really into fucking, perhaps even a whore or jiggalo.
Hot Janice laid 12 guys tonight and then bought a round of crack for all the other girls at the brothel. She's a real FUCKSTER!
by george September 9, 2004
What we call the people who call themselves hipsters behind their back.
"If I see one more Urban Fuckster I'm going to puke," said William, after the woman in Manalo Blahnik shoes obliviously stepped on his weinerdog's paw.
by Agent Jane December 27, 2003
A man that lures women into one night stands and/or frequent sexual encounters with smooth talk and charm for the sole purpose of fucking them.
Damn, that fuckster has been with 5 women in 3 days!
by Fernclad October 30, 2007
A hybrid cross between fuck boi and hipster, ultimately creating the next generation of douche bags
" I would love some polaroid nudes sent by mail"(Fuckster)

Kaleb Adams(Fuckster)

The guy who shamelessly approaches to in the vinyl section of the record store and,asks for you to go back to his studio apartment for copious amounts of yoga and VHS and karma sutra(Fuckster )
by David Longing January 4, 2016
A person who is extremely groovy. A contraction of fucking groovster.
Hey mein fuckster, grab me another beer from the fridge while you're up.
by BlackHawk May 9, 2003