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Ever since he wore a Fuck Meat shirt. Misfits fans are now referring to Doyle Von Frankenstein as Fuckmeat.
by Mr. Mojo Resin June 24, 2017
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Dude's term for a woman in whom he has no interest other than sex. Fuckmeat (or fuck meat) need not be trashy and filthy and slutty like a cum dumpster. Being fuck meat has more to do with dude's attitude towards HER than with her or her behavior. She may be a sweetheart that’s really all about him, and not at all a slut, but he's just not that into her, so to him, she’s just fuck meat. But at least she isn’t a cumdumpster.
"It's so sad to watch; Beth is SO into Rafael, but she's just fuckmeat to him."
by SFUrbanight February 15, 2009
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love trunchen,battle club,purple headed warrior,wiberforce,wicket,fish stick,fat spanner,love meat...
Hey baby,wanna chew on me fuck meat!
by Anton von ton June 05, 2004
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