It simply means the awesome-est thing that ever occurred in the whole century. I heard it in the film Basic Instinct. When the cop had sex with the killer (female), he referred to it as the "Fuck of the Century". Although it meant actual fuck at that time but it can be used for anything awesome.
Man #1: "How was your interview yesterday?"
Man #2: "Oh man! It was the Fuck of the Century".
by l33t g33k May 17, 2009
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A nigga named S Adebs (SBTA) (may like minors)
Person 1: You the Fuck Nigga of the century
Person 2: Are you calling me sambone? Thats out!
by Clarence Mcclain March 14, 2023
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During the entirety of the 21st century, everyone is allowed to harass Nasgubbo. This lasts the whole century and Nasgubbo can't do anything about it.
"hey it's Fuck Nasgubbo Century"

by mopade December 22, 2022
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