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(Phrase) A profane way to say "I differ with your idea or plan." Or "That particular suggestion is not to my liking or preference." When using this phrase you are excluding yourself as a participant from whatever it is that is about to go down.
LaQueafa: ....yeah so Devonne had axed me do I wanna let his baby momma sista cousin Tracey use my car.
Leroy: And what did you say?
LaQueafa: I was like,"Fuck all THAT betta axe somebody!

Joe: So babe, when you gonna let me in through the backdoor??

Rhonda: Fuck all THAT noise!!!!
by rhonda October 02, 2004
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A phrase over-used by immature little kids and teens who think they are black, but usually arn't. Usually accompanied by snobbishness, bitchiness, and also often whores.
Person 1- "Your so slutty you fucked like 20 guys!"

Person 2- "Fuck all that noise!"
by King Crunk<3 April 29, 2010
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