When shit gets confusing, people tend to sing this upon exiting the room.
Man Number 1: *starts talking about computer stuff*
Man Letter A: *singing* FUCK THIS SHIT I'M OUT!!
by IDIDATHING November 30, 2015
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When someone says something really stupid and u wanna throw them around just like harambe threw the kid around
"What's wrong with being emo?!"

"Fuck this shit I'm out"
by Ddddkaurb August 25, 2016
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It means that you don't care and you really want to have nothing to do with something, but it's also well known from a meme song which is actually called "Fuck This Shit I'm Out" (You can find it on Youtube).
*You see something, that you really don't care*

'Fuck this shit I'm out.'
by TheNightFury August 1, 2018
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when you are alive and dont like it.
Parent after 2 years: Hows life treating you
You and your mind: Fuck this shit i'm out.
by Shizuki is hot daddy March 19, 2021
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