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A guys penis often used to fix a girl with a broken heart or down on her luck
Kiersten : Thanks Brad for fixing my sink sorry I can't pay you right now my boyfriend keeps breaking the bed and shitting on my furniture when we have sex!
Brad : Hey baby don't cry your money is no good with me anyway hey ive got just the tool to fix your problems!
Kiersten : And what might that be!
Brad : It's the most used tool in my collection!
Kiersten : Oh wow that's an amazing Fuck Tool do you think it could fix me?
Brad : Well it's never let me down yet!
Kiersten : Oh Brad! OH! OH! OH! OH! OH! OH! OH! AHH! AHH! AHH! BRAD! BRAD BRAD!

Jake : Hey what's going on in there!
Kiersten : Oh BRAD! it's so amazing
Brad : Ride em cowgirl!
Kiersten : Yee Haw! Cum for me baby!
Jake : What The Fuck! Brad I know your in there get your Fuck Tool outta my girl!
by SlopNChop September 21, 2017
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1. (n.) any sexual accessory or device that closely mimicks the shape of a nice hard cock.

2. (n.) a child or adult who is unwittingly stupid, i.e. a moron or idiot

See also dildo and butt plug.
1. "I want you to ram that fucktool right up my pussy NOW, David! Oh, huhuhuhu!!!"

2. "I told you not to answer the door after ten o'clock you little fucktool!
by Robert E. Porter July 11, 2007
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