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What you answer when someone asks about something completely illogical that happened.
Fred: I don't give a shit.
Chris: Well, I don't give a shit about your shit either.
Fred: You mean the shit that I don't give?
Chris: Yup.
Fred: So basically, you don't give a shit when I don't give a shit? That doesn't make any sense.
Chris: Well, fuck logic.
by emceedeejay January 10, 2015
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A type of logic where basic parts of normal logic are ignored. This mostly appears in video games and anime. DBZ for example, Goku gets tossed into a mountain and the mountain breaks into pieces. However, some animes do not use fuck logic for everything, such as Attack on Titan. In Attack on Titan, if a person was tossed into a wall that person would pop into blood and guts instead of the wall somehow breaking apart.
DBZ uses fuck logic. AoT barely uses fuck logic.
by Ssj3ArmoredTitan July 26, 2014
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When someone tells you a reason or logic behind something which is completely stupid.. it's so stupid that you feel that your mind is being raped and you can't resist so you end up saying "fuck logic" meaning irrelevant and literally "fuck the logic " Because it doesn't make sense at all.
1st person: bruh ! You know instead of buying condom you can use withdrawal technique .

2nd person: fuck logic ! Shut up dick head. ( The first person was actually a dick head )
by Kandarp Gautam September 28, 2017
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