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Chaneese: “why did you lick the bus window?”
Alex: “lily told me to do it ftl
Grace: “should I flash everyone?”
Izzy: “yeah go on. Do it ftl”
by JojoSiwanator2273737 October 21, 2019
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The opposite of FTW (For the Win)
An acronym for "For the Loss"

You say it when your team is about to lose, because you got paired with grab-asses.
"People who think FTL means "For the Lose" are taking english tests FTL"
by selekta October 11, 2005
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French The Llama.
Created by John Green of the Vlogbrothers(Youtube) after a competition run by DARPA. One Person said FTL and it meant for the loss. Nerdfighters then tricked John into thinking it was French The Llama. It is used when showing emphasis when someone doesnt want to say the F word.
E.g 1) Person 1 Look a whale!
Person 2 French The Llama that wail is big.
E.g. 2) Person 1 What does FTL mean.
Person 2 French The Llama
by Bezza27 December 28, 2009
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"I wish they would invent FTL drives soon and we'll start conquering planets outside our solar system!".
by DarkMatter42 March 22, 2010
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Stands for "For the loss". Often used in online-gaming.
Dude, we just wiped in Hellfire ramparts. Noob tank FTL.


I couldn't move! Cheap-ass keyboard FTL.
by tehlol November 25, 2007
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FTL = Failure To Launch. Refers to a growing trend where children, after graduating from university or college, move back home to live with their parents.
"The guy graduated with honours and yet he's back living in his parents' basement playing video games all day. A total FTL"
by WickedGurrl February 27, 2012
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