The most implausible and laughable way to escape from a seemingly inescapable situation.

Consists in protecting yourself from an engulfing explosion by holding in front of you a Coke vending machine while a bunch of other Coke vending machines are being blown away in your direction, saving your life and the lives of two other people.

Trick pulled off by Dennis Rodman in the shit-tastic 1997 action flick "Double Team" featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme and Mickey Rourke.
"There was Jumping The Shark, Nuking the Fridge, ladies and gentlemen...this is Frying the Coke! This is the ultimate in awesomely and laughably implausible!" Nostalgia Critic
by blackidna April 20, 2011
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A meme from the Van Damm movie ,Double Team created from a scene in which the main characters survive a fireball in colleseum created by a tiger and the explosion of a minefield by simply hiding behind a coke machine with a baby in a basket.
Guy 1:Dude that scene was so Epic!!!
Guy 2:Not as epic as Frying The Coke in Double Team!!!!
Guy 1:Huh?
by ARBITERMASTER96 April 21, 2011
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A ridiculously epic happening.
(Usually after a period of blandness)
That movie is totally frying the coke with that fight scene with land mines, a tiger, Dennis Rodman and a baby!
by Thoth Gamer April 21, 2011
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That one moment when a character in film finds or uses an implausible item or action (usually an object of product placement) to overcome an otherwise impossible scenario or situation that is usually overly done in its presentation.
Did you see that movie "Double Team" in the end where Rodman uses the coke machine to protect himself against a huge explosion?

Yeah, that was so Frying the Coke
by notnostalgiacritic April 20, 2011
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