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A common internet insult. Also can be called a FrostRaven or a Chris Dickson. Usually implying someone has a red mullet, tons of acne, and horrible dandruff. Also, a FrostGayven is usually about 400 pounds and has no friends. A FrostGayven can also be a lagger, hacker, waller, fag, etc. Also, FrostGayvens enjoy taken it up the ass every Sunday for about 3-5 hours from their multiple pastors. And some occasions a FrostGayven's sister is fucking banging.
Wow you fucking cunt muffin FrostGayven gtfo and stop walling.

Dude you FrostGayven give me your sister number.

Omg you FrostGayven go get butt fucked by your pastor again and gtfo nobody likes you.
by AbyssalX June 01, 2009
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A mystical creature that has been the scapegoat for lagers and people that just fail at everything they try. These people normally have problems that they are hiding and need something to occupy their simple minds for a time. Such people take it in the ass by their own fathers, as a result they are normally Emo and/or named Abyssal.
Hey did u hear Abyssal is blaming a FrostGayven again.

Player 1: God Damn these FrostGayvens!!!!!
Player 2: Dude just shut up, You just suck.
by AntiFailurePeople June 05, 2009
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